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Welcoming Baby Louis

I was lucky enough to capture not only Louis's fresh 48 images but I was also the first person to take a picture of him, and when you think about it, thats pretty darn special.

I was in absolute awe of Lauren's strength, and I think labour becomes an blur for most mothers, so having a photographer there taking pictures for you so you can look back on them to remember the absolute strength your body has, is something you can cherish forever.

I came back up to the hospital the day after, letting Lauren and Kieran bond with their newest little addition first before more photos, His nan and aunty were also there offering their snuggles and we got to chat about how mumma was feeling and how this little boy spent his first night before i started taking some pictures.

Weighing at 7 pound 13 ounces, this little man had the cutest little wrinkly feet and cheeks to make your ovaries burst, I am honoured to have captured their journey into parenthood.

Here is a little peek into their fresh 48 session.


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