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Mr + Mrs Willis

The day before the wedding I went out to the property which Holly and Errol would be getting married on the following day, to meet them both for the very first time. They are the kind of people that even though I had never met before I found myself standing around and chatting and laughing as if we were old friends,the tinkering from all their family and friends moving stuff and pottering around, adding the final details for Holly and Errols special day and you could just tell how loved they are and how much this day meant to everyone.

On Saturday the 4th of May Holly and Errol were surrounded by their dearest friend/ family, and they tied the knot! Their ceremony was filled with happy tears and laughs and it couldn't have been more perfect.

Holly and Errol love their two dogs Fred and George and as they weren't coming to the ceremony I made sure they didn't miss out on being part of the festivities, George and Fred posed for me and loved the attention they were getting.

As the day went on I was in stitches laughing from all of Amy's one liners and Jodie's cheesy jokes (Holly's bridesmaids) which made for some great great candid laughing shots!

What a fantastic day, Thank you for putting the job of capturing your day in my hands, and I wish you both all the happiness in your new adventure as Mr and Mrs!


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