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Mr + Mrs Stein

An Oura wedding to remember.

It was such a pleasure to be apart of this special day, Kelsie and Andrew had planned their wedding day beautifully, focusing a lot on the tiny details and making it a great day for their family and friends, and most of all their two children Rhett and Airlie,

Married in a small church at the end of their street in Oura NSW, It was a short and sweet ceremony, filled with a lot of tears and looks of just absolute and undeniable love ( no seriously, scroll down to the ceremony part, the way they look at each other will melt your heart) and even writing a commitment to their kids, it was just so damn beautiful!

Kelsie and Andrew held their reception in their backyard, which couldn't have turned out more amazing.

Amongst friends, beautiful weather, fairy lights (and ofcourse tequila shots) the atmosphere was just devine. The speeches were very personal and heartfelt, every single one of the speeches bringing mention to the fact that they are so proud of Kelsie and Andrew, and the life they have made together. (and the deck, we can't forget the deck!!)

We finished the day sneaking off with the bridal party to soak up every bit of sunset this fantastic day had to offer for their portrait session, Kelsie and Andrew loving any opportunity to show each other some love, playing games with the bridal party AND I have to mention, I said to Isaac (the best man) earlier on in the day "Just laugh or smile every time you have the camera pointed at you" jokingly, and wow i'm not sure if he was just having an epic day or he took that literally, because there is not one photo in the whole gallery where he is not smiling or laughing, seriously you nailed it mate!

Ok now make yourself a cuppa and strap yourself in, because wow I pushed this blog to the absolute limit on how many photos I can fit on here! And its not even a quarter of them! Eek!


Dress: A&N Lux Label

Makeup: Megan at Ella Bache

Hair: Emma Curran Hairdressing

Celebrant: Ceremonies by Aaron.

Flowers: Locally grown by Penny/ put together by Kelsie and Holly.

Rings: Family made and handed down.

Bow ties: Get Knotted

Grazing Table: Table and Graze