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Mr + Mrs Myers

Well this is a day I never thought would happen! That will make a lot of sense when you scroll down and read, you'll see why.

Engaged for 20 years and an even longer beautiful life together, but they had never got around to making things official, life gets busy, I think we can all relate, they were raising kids, working, you know how it is.

They had planned to get married that many times, that we have lost count, seriously. One was in a vineyard, one was in Wagga, one was even in the streets of Melbourne, FIJI and that's just naming a few. But something always seemed to come up, and they always felt selfish spending their money on themselves that yet again, it was cancelled.

Is this all making sense yet? Are you wondering how I know so much? One thing I forgot to mention, this bride and groom just happen to be my PARENTS.

When we all got the call that they were getting married, I was actually sitting in my car at the supermarket to be exact, and I think I speak for everyone in my family when I say, we all rolled our eyes and said "we're not going to book accommodation, just yet" Mum eagerly told me that YES, its actually happening this time!

Months past, everytime I would speak to mum on the phone everything on her checklist was getting ticked off! oh my god its HAPPENING!

We all arrived in Port Macquarie, there's no going back now!

They were married at "Windmill Hill" in Port Macquarie, My mum was walked down the aisle by my two big brothers and what waited on that hill was a small and intimate ceremony, with the sounds of waves crashing, tears of joy from everyone around and an acoustic guitar, they exchanged their vows and they FINALLY became Mr and Mrs Myers.

Its been 13 days since their big day, and it still hasn't sunk in!

I love you both, congratulations.

Take a look at their special day below.

Flowers - Elsa and Blooms co

Dress- Donna Donna

Suits- Gazman

Ceremony- Windmill hill, Port Macquarie NSW

Reception- Port City Bowling club, Port Macquarie, NSW

Make up- B Beautiful, Port Macquarie

Hair- Helene Gilmour, Hair sensation.

Musician- Andrew Cousins

Rings- Michael Hill

Shoes- Style Tred

Thats all folks!

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