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Callie Jay Hull

When my bestfriend told me she was pregnant I was over the moon! We have been bestfriends since we were 13 and we had always talked about having babies together when we were "older" and I cant believe that time is finally here! I think after having three kids myself I was so excited for my bestfriend to feel every amazing part that pregnancy and motherhood has to offer (I even wanted her to know the pain and why I whinged so much during my pregnancy, and she totally gets it now)

At 12:35am on the 15th of January this beautiful little girl made her arrival, a head full of dark hair, weighing at 8 pounds 2 ounces and 51cm longs. Her mummy and daddy took their time after she was born to find a name that suited her perfectly and at 8:00am she was named "Callie Jay Hull", my god daughter, She is so beautiful, I may be bias, but scroll down for a look at a few snaps of Callies first day and see for yourself


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